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I am 46 years old, or young, and have been involved in sports my entire life. I first met Master Roger Koo March 20, 2002 when I joined his studio in downtown Cartersville, Georgia, USA.

My wife, Pamela and daughter, Amanda wanted to start taking karate classes together. They checked out martial arts’ studios from Marietta in Cobb county to Adairsville in Bartow county where we live.

When they selected Master Koo’s studio, I went with them for their first class. I was so impressed with the commitment to physical fitness and power of all of his students, and I joined myself.

I have been involved in weight lifting and boxing for many years and I was very impressed with his knowledge of self defense and the methods he uses to get all of his students extremely fit and powerful.

We have had many people come to class to try out one of our class and even joined from different martial arts disciplines such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Choi Kwang Do, Jeet Kune Do, Kunf Fu, and many others. Some of them have trained for years and even black belts and they do not have the power or physical fitness that can match students who have barely trained one month training in Koo Self Defense in fitness and power! Some of these other martial arts students would be explaining how great their techniques were and how they would do forms, sparring, grappling etc. but the bottom line is all of those training that they have done amounts to nothing as they just do not have the stamina and the power to go with their techniques!

I thought I was in good shape when I first started considering all the other sports and weight lifting that I have been doing for years, and I was wrong!

My pulse rate went from 85 beat per minute to 56 in just 3 months, truly amazing and for my age 46 years old, that is excellent! I am not the only one with this low pulse rate, there are many other KSD students like myself. Master Koo’s total training curriculum is truly unique, and he breaks his one hour of training into three parts; AEROBICS, FLEXIBILITY (YOGA) and ANAEROBIC - POWER DRILLS (which involves hitting focus mitts and shields with full power). Koo Self Defense’s workouts for physical fitness and self defense are by far better than anything I have ever done!

All of KSD workouts are a challenge, everyone works to their own level and you will get the most benefit if you push yourself 100 per cent. Although I do a lot of weight lifting, I find KSD Aerobic #1 still the most challenging for my legs.

I am on the NO-BELT program and we do move up an imaginary belt system that’s how Master Koo knows what drills to give us. As one moves up through the ranks, the workload increases, our speed and power increases thus the increase in the challenge of the workouts, it never gets easy at KSD!

If you want loose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or most importantly, learn how to defend yourself in a very realistic and practical manner, Koo Self Defense is the place to go. It worth the time to feel better about yourself?

Video Clips at the Downtown Cartersville Koo Self Defense Studio, Georgia, USA.
Taken May 2002
Charles's Power Drills Class - 1800 non stop hits
Charles's Power Drills Class - Addon Punches 3,6,9
Charles's Power Drills Class - Addon Punches 3,6,9

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